Is E-Learning important for the Caribbean?

Is E-Learning important for the Caribbean?

Results are encouraging

E-Learning refers to learning that is conducted online or over the internet. It is used in many countries to enhance delivery of content in schools, businesses, and other organizations.

There are a number of benefits for both students and administration by using e-Learning software. Here are a few:

1) It is more cost effective. Although the price for an e-Learning platform may be pricey, this price is offset by the ease of delivery of the course to students, and the time and resources saved by the teacher and school.

2) Minimizes travel costs. Prior to e-Learning software, teachers had to be physically present to deliver lessons. Studies have shown that e-Learning can reduce travel cost by up to 80%.

3) Provides consistent course delivery. Just like a stage performance, each one is different for a different audience. E-Learning keeps course delivery consistent so that everyone can access the same content.

4) Content can be accessed from anywhere and on any device. Whether by IOS, Android, Windows on a computer, tablet or cell phone, content can be accessed at all times.

With all these benefits, YES, e-Learning is important for Caribbean education to move forward.

How can we harness these benefits for the Caribbean?

Many areas in the Caribbean are void of internet access, which makes it difficult for e-Learning to be effectively implemented across countries. However, in areas where there is internet access, the benefits of e-Learning software needs to be harnessed.

When students get sick or represent their school at club or sporting events, classes are missed. E-Learning ensures that class content can be accessed online and from anywhere, thus reducing the need for students to be physically present in order to get the class content. Similarly, if a teacher needs to miss class, students who attend class don’t have to be held back. Therefore, we need to significantly invest in technology that will make it easy for our students, teachers, and schools.

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