SmartTerm is Your Single ICT Solution

Our School and Learning Management Platform is robust and focuses on data first. We believe that in order to help develop the economies of developing countries we have to invest in education and youth. To do that we have to make data-driven decisions that will result in leaders and institutions implementing the right solutions.

By using machine learning and artificial intelligence we intend on making useful suggestions to impact how we learn. We will catch early trends in learner performance and alert the instructor on how to move forward with teaching certain individuals or a classroom, allowing for personalized learning.

SmartTerm believes in Developing, Sustaining, and Innovation in Developing Countries, ultimately increasing the quality of life.


  • Boost Country Collaboration

  • Country Wide Curriculum Control

  • Country Wide Analytics

  • Boost Districtwide Collaboration

  • Boost Teacher Collaboration

  • Districtwide Analytics


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